Vegas Lux Slots

We do like a slot game with a few surprises set to make things more interesting. Vegas Lux might surprise you when you first set eyes on the reels, but there is a chance you could receive a pleasant surprise during play too.

We have reviewed this slot game for you here, so if you are curious to know more about it before you check it out for yourself, you are in the best place to get some answers. Let's visit Vegas!

Developer details for the new Vegas Lux slot game

If you've heard of Realtime Gaming, you'll know they have a habit of creating some entertaining slots. They've managed to do that again here, too.

Do you get a chance to try a demo version of the game?

Yes - it works just as you would expect the real thing to work, but you can give it a try without risking your cash.

A true Vegas theme

We knew we would be in Las Vegas for this one, and the theme is backed by a good design. This gives it a sparkling appearance that does catch the eye.

A dramatic design to see

Vegas is laid out behind the reels of the game. While you cannot see lots of it, you see enough to set the tone before and as you play. Many symbols are based on casinos in some way, while there are some classic symbols in action too, such as sevens and diamonds.

Learning how to play the Vegas Lux slot game

This game might have five reels, but it doesn't look anything like your usual five-reel slot. That's because it looks like a diamond, with three, four, five, four, and finally three symbols on each reel from left to right.

While there are no jackpots to be won, other than the fixed top prize in the paytable, there are two important symbols to watch for. The wild is stacked, showing up on reels two, three, and four during the action. It says WILD in a diamond-shaped outline.

The second important symbol is the scatter. This is also labeled, but not as a scatter. Instead, it says FREE GAMES. Little clue there to what its main power is!

Paylines in action

There are none… but don't despair. The diamond-shaped format means you get 720 ways to try and get some prizes on every spin instead.

Choose a single wager before you play

The game gives you plus and minus buttons either side of the BET command underneath the second reel. Choose your value there and it will cover one spin of the reels and all 720 winning ways.

The paytable explains more

This is where you can find out how the game works, what the symbols look like, and how much they are all worth. Check it out before playing the game for the first time.

Is there a bonus to try?

No, not in this game.

You can score some free spins

This is the highlight of Vegas Lux slots. Five scatters are required to score some freebies, with one required to appear on every reel. That unlocks eight freebies to be played.

The best bit, though, is that you can win eight free games for every unique set of five scatters found on the reels. Since these symbols can appear stacked over the reels, you get eight spins per combo. Find four scatters on the second reel with one on each of the others, and that would mean four combinations of scatter triggers. Four times eight is 32, so that is the quantity of spins you'd play.

So, this round could be more generous than you think.

The RTP has not been announced

If you've tried any other RTG games, you might realize they never release this detail. We don't have it for this slot game either.

Our rating is a good one

Eight out of 10, to be exact. There are plenty of reasons for this score, not least the presentation and theme. However, the free spins round is by far the best bit of Vegas Lux, deserving that score on its own.

How much could you net in prizes on a single spin?

RTG confirms there is a chance to get up to 1,320x your bet, so the potential is there to do well here. However, the paytable is filled with smaller prizes that are always easier to achieve.

Will you begin by trying the demo version of the game?

We think this is the best way to see how everything works and to figure out whether you like it or not. Could this be your ideal slot game? Try it and see.

Find it at RTG casinos and play for real if you wish

If you are already a member of a casino running on this software, you can deposit funds and try the real version of the game whenever you wish.

You can play across many mobile devices as well

Smartphones and tablets are fine to display the mobile version of Vegas Lux. You can use Android, iOS, Windows, or BlackBerry with no issues. The controls are different as they are on the screen rather than off, but they are still easy to use.